My goal with this blog is to share my culinary adventures with my own recipes, restaurants I love, and just about anything that inspires my creativity with and connection with food.

I have been working in the food industry for over 12 years and a foodie as far back as I can remember. Some of my favorite childhood memories are food related; family meals at my grandma’s house, watching my mom make tamales with my Nan while she kept feeding me chicken just for sitting at the table with them. My mom is a chef and I still remember the trips to her kitchen, which were always a blast for me, all the chaos and noise, all the people and most importantly, all the food and smells, and how everyone always let me try the food. I have had a more than simply fuel connection with food and see it as a source of happiness, as a way to bring people together, as an adventure in discovering the world and what connects us and yes, as a necessary fuel. I have worked in various types of establishments ranging from hotels, chain restaurants, French bistros, markets, catering and fine dining. Of all the things that each place has taught me, the most important has been the appreciation for the ingredients and the love for simplicity in food. Especially now with the mass production of convenience foods, and ingredient lists that are impossible to read or let alone understand.


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